Sarah Jayne: cramming novel-writing into my hectic life!


llamaI’m Sarah Jayne, and I live in London – a place called Crystal Palace to be exact.

I’ve set up this blog as a medium through which I can practice the art of writing, both creative and reportage.

Running throughout the blog will be experiments with creative writing, including my¬†first attempt at writing a novel, tracking my progress from beginning to end. I’ll also use the blog to write some of my travel stories, and some of the activities that feature in my everyday life, especially volunteering.

My life is busy, crammed with many small projects, work and volunteering roles, and family and friends. Perhaps my story can help others trying to fit creative projects into busy schedules, or maybe it’ll just be entertaining for those with calm and easy lives – if those people actually exist!

So, here we go. I have the beginnings of a plot, a handful of characters, and a dawning realisation that historical novels require a metric tonne of research.

If it works out, you can say you knew me before I was a novelist, and if it all turns out to be a pile of crap, I’ll go back to full time work and we can pretend this never happened!

I really hope you enjoy browsing, and that you find something of interest. Please do feel free to comment on the posts – I’d love to hear your thoughts – and hopefully together we’ll have an awfully big adventure.

Sarah Jayne