Wanted: hot older Russian man

It’s been a while since I wrote a post as I’ve been working on the novel for the last few weeks.

One thought dominates – am I actually able to write fiction?

It seems to me that I am struggling to invent characters and events, and I’m wondering if my writing is at its best when I am reporting things that have happened rather than creative writing.

I think it doesn’t help that I am basing my story upon the life of a real person. Whichever way I try to twist my mind into invention, I keep coming back to the thought: “…. but that didn’t happen”.

At this point, I am going along the route of researching real people who fit the mould of the type of characters I would like to create, in the hope that I can filch bits of their lives and use them as inspiration for the creation of new lives and histories.

The main love interest in my novel is an older Russian gentleman who has escaped from the Revolution. I wanted to be able to describe how he looked, but didn’t know where to start as I didn’t have a picture of him in my head, and, although he was a real person, as far as I know there are no photographs for me to look at.

With this in mind, I got onto the internet and seriously messed up the cookies by searching for ‘hot older Russian men’. I can’t wait to see the advertisements that will pop up on my browser now!

It occurred to me after some scrolling through images that my hot older Russian man would not be modern. Born in around 1860-1870, he would be of a certain age by the time he meets my protagonist, and so I needed to find a suitable individual.

Eventually I identified a man who I think would be great as the love interest in my story. Still-dark hair swept into a quiff, with a sprinkling of salt and pepper through his carefully sculpted beard, my ‘muse’ is clearly an older gentleman but sharply defined cheekbones lend a youthful beauty to his features. His eyes have a mischievous gleam and his high forehead is bisected with a thoughtful crease. He wears a high collared shirt with a tie and waistcoat whenever he is in public, and I haven’t yet decided what he’ll wear in private!



His name is Antanas Smetona, and he served as the first President of Lithuania. I think he is rather handsome, and look forward to learning more about him, and using his appearance to begin putting together my character!


Sarah Jayne



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