I’m a published author! (…sort of)

Well, what miracle is this?

Only just started to attempt writing a book and already published?

Alright, alright.. I’ll let you in on a lovely secret..

One of the reasons I began writing this blog was the enjoyment I felt when writing a five month travel blog whilst Chris and I were travelling in South America. Noting down thoughts on the places we visited and summaries of the information gleaned on history, geology, the natural world, and society was an absolute joy. Feedback from family and friends spurred me on to write more and more and after returning home to London I was amazed to find I’d written over forty five thousand words!

It had struck me whilst we were away that it might be possible to create a physical book from the travel blog posts. When I mentioned this idea to Chris, his shoulders slumped and he confessed that he’d planned to do exactly that as a present for me! Although he was disappointed at not being able to surprise me, I was glad that I would have the opportunity to check my spelling and grammar before the book went into print. Publishing the travel blog whilst using foreign computers meant that almost every word I wrote came up with a spelling error because the spellchecks were set to either Spanish or Portuguese, so it was rather difficult to keep track of errors!

Whilst searching for an online tool that would automatically transfer the pages of the blog onto pages of a book, Chris found that most would not allow for any editing. Luckily, though, he was able to find Into Real Pages, run by two brothers in the Netherlands – Hans and Maarten –  who have designed a tool enabling bloggers to turn hours of work into something tangible. Chris found the guys to be really responsive whenever he had a query about editing the book before it went to print, and after several weeks of editing and planning,  I was thrilled to receive my very own book, written by me!

The cover photo shows us leaning over the edge of Mount Roraima in Venezuela


With 334 pages of text and photographs, it’s a wonderful reminder of the trip that we made, and far easier to access than the blog itself as I can simply wander over to the bookshelf and open it up at any page to look at the photos and read about the brilliant time we had.

There is even a chapter index, should I need urgently to find my photos of flamingos in the frozen lakes of Bolivia, or close ups of sharks in the Galapagos islands!



The book is one of the most precious presents I have ever received, and I am so happy that Chris was able to make it for me. Now all I have to do is read through the entire thing, making sure there are no spelling errors!

Sarah Jayne


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