I’m Sarah Jayne, and I live in London – a place called Crystal Palace to be exact.

My life has been relatively exciting – I’ve travelled to more than fifty countries throughout my adult life so far, and have worked in over sixty jobs. I’ve been a coach driver on European tours, a singer/dancer on stage, a hotel chambermaid and an IT assistant amongst many other weird and wonderful employments.

All this, along with my degree in History & Politics and obsession with reading, has led to a thirst for knowledge that cannot be satiated!

At the moment I am working on a novel – the first time I have ever dared to attempt one. I have the beginnings of a plot, a handful of characters, and a dawning realisation that historical novels require a metric tonne of research.

If it works out, you can say you knew me before I was a novelist, and if it all turns out to be a pile of crap, I’ll go back to full time work and we can pretend this never happened!

I’d be so happy if you would join me in my quest to learn, and hopefully together we’ll have an awfully big adventure.